Michigan Legends Marijuana Recreation

A voting initiative to take the decision to legalize recreational marijuana was held in Michigan. As a result, 56 percent of the voters approved the legalization. With this, Michigan will become a state of the United States (US) with a policy of legalizing recreational marijuana that has the second largest population, one level below California. If you are looking for the highest quality marijuana for recreational purpose, you can order it from Namaste.

Written by Rolling Stone, Executive Director of the Cannabis Policy Project, Steve Hawkins called this step an important step in the effort to eliminate the prohibition on cannabis consumption in the world. Through this policy, Michigan itself will give permission for the sale of flowers, concentrates, and edibles from infused marijuana plants. And of course, this legalization only applies to residents who are at least 21 years old.

“This is another historic election for the movement to end the marijuana ban … The voters once again sent a message loudly and clearly that it was time to legalize and regulate marijuana,” Hawkins said, reported Thursday (11/08/2018).

For the US, the legalization of recreational marijuana decisions in Michigan will be an important reference to see how widespread support for marijuana policy reform in Uncle Sam’s country. So far, based on the results of a poll released by Gallup last month, there have been two out of three Americans supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana.

About the rules, Hawkin explained in more detail, that the use of approved marijuana is in the range of the proportion of 18-1. Later, everyone aged at least 21 years is allowed to plant one to 12 plants for personal use. Ownership of cannabis plants is limited to 10 ounces of marijuana products stored in the home and 2.5 ounces in public. This rule also regulates the provisions concerning a maximum limit of 15 grams of ownership of cannabis plants in the form of concentrates. You can order the best recreational marijuana on Namaste.com.


According to a number of experts, this policy of legalizing recreational marijuana will overtake many things. First, the biggest impact will be on criminal justice reform in Michigan, where between 2007 and 2016, there were more than 200,000 arrests of cannabis owners in Michigan. Of that number, 84 percent of convicts are those who have cannabis plants in private.

In addition, Deputy Director of the Ganja Policy Project, Matthew Schweich said, the policy of legalizing marijuana would make it easier for local authorities to control illegal marijuana trading.

“Adults will no longer be punished for consuming substances that are less harmful than alcohol … And instead of having to use illegal markets, they will be able to access them safely and legally from licensed businesses,” said a statement.

Economically, legalization of recreational marijuana will give Michigan an income of ten percent of the marijuana sales tax. And according to the rules imposed, the tax will later be used to support infrastructure development, clinical research, up to the cost of education for the local area.

Before Michigan, North Dakota had also carried out a similar vote to decide the legalization of marijuana in the state. In its decision, North Dakota agreed to remove marijuana, marijuana, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds from the list of prohibited substances. In Missouri, the local area stipulates the legalization of medical marijuana after more than 64 percent of voters agreed to amend local laws regarding cannabis plants and all related substances.

In addition to these states, a number of states in the US have also reformed marijuana policies. Some legalize marijuana for recreation, in addition to other states that permit the use of marijuana for medical needs.