Lake Como Travel Vacation

Lake Como is the most popular and romantic lake in Italy. With warm weather, Lake Como can be visited at any time of the year.

The lake which is surrounded by beautiful villas and resorts is perfect for water and photography activities. Lake Como has become a popular place for rich people since Roman times. besides this lake is also a popular tourist attraction that offers arts and cultural gems. You could visit travel vacation directly from owner.

Full of Various Historical Sites

Lake Como is also surrounded by various historical sites. One of them is the Duomo of Como, a beautiful cathedral in front of which there is a restaurant for us to visit and have some meal. There is also the oldest church in Lombardy called the Basilica of Sant’Abbondio whose ornaments in it are very thick with the nuances of the 14th century. Don’t forget to also visit the Moto Guzzi Museum, a museum that holds a large collection of motorbikes with various models.

Surrounded by Classical Buildings

The position of Lake Como straddles several cities in Northern Italy. Most buildings in the city have classic architecture and are old-aged. Even some of them are still in the form of castles.

Exotic Natural Scenery from Sentiero del Viandante

If you want to be satisfied to enjoy the super exotic scenery around Lake Como, we can climb to Sentiero del Viadante. The route is around 45 KM, so maybe it will take time. But the fatigue we feel during the climb will get paid once we get to the top. The scenery is truly breathtaking, with the deep blue of the sea and the green trees that blend in with the colorful Exotic classic buildings!

Ride Taxi or Boat

With an area of 146 KM2, we will need a lot of time to explore Lake Como. But, if our time is limited, we can use a taxi boat service (taxi-boat). We can choose to take a tour of Varenna which lasts only 30 minutes. If you want to take a long time, we can join George’s tour which lasts 2.5 hours. On this tour George, we will be taken past the villa George Clooney in Laglio.