Exciting Enjoying the Canyoning Bled

Slovenia’s Potential for Adventure

Slovenia has natural potential in the form of rivers, canyons, and waterfalls that have not been optimally extracted. This potential can be optimized through outdoor adventurous activities that can be worked on by combining outdoor and entertainment sports, namely canyoning Bled.

Canyoning is a sporting activity based on tracing the rivers, canyons, and waterfalls. It also , incorporates various techniques such as scrambling, rappelling, river-hiking, abseiling, swimming, and cliff jumping. Canyoning started in some European countries and then even developed into America and almost the entire world. Initially, the canyoning was aimed more at research into hydrology, meteorology, and other research. These are the information you get if you browse the internet for the keyword “canyoning”.

Bled is considered one of the two largest natural landscapes in Slovenia. Its lake is natural scenery under the protection of the UNESCO. Doing the Canyoning in the area is considered as a relatively safe and fun entertainment, which can increase the heart rate even of the most demanding adventurer.

If you book great canyoning Bled with company Altituda d.o.o., you can get to experience both, the nature and the adrenaline!

The Alps in Slovenia are famous for the natural canyons, which will remind you of scenes from fantasy films. For canyoning Bled, no previous experience is needed; all the things you need are a good attitude, following the instructions, cutting-edge technical equipment, and the experienced guide that will ensure that your experience is memorable and unforgettable, but also safe.

Canyoning Bled

Among several locations, Canyoning Bled is for the best location to do this sport there because the scenery is so beautiful and not possible to see anywhere else in the world. The rates for this magnificent sport start at 60 EUR.. Anyone with health conditions can enjoy the canyoning Bled.

Normally, the length of time needed to complete canyoning Bled is around 2 to 4 hours. During that time, you will feel the thrill of conquering rapids with different levels of difficulty before finally reaching the breakpoint.

If this is your first time trying canyoning Bled, don’t worry. It will be even more exciting. The guide will first equip and give you some basic information needed and then he will accompany you during the whole trip.

That is a glimpse of canyoning Bled, an alternative water sport that adrenaline but relatively safe. Ready to try it?