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Welcome Travel Professionals! As a Travel Agent, PT HARYONO TOURS & JOURNEY has constructed a strong popularity for providers and effectivity in Travel Industry and has rewarded as CAKRA 3 – means excessive class for travel agent in Indonesia. (Pressure Majeure : Suatu kejadian yang terjadi di luar kemampuan manusia dan tidak dapat dihindarkan sehingga suatu kegiatan tidak dapat dilaksanakan sebagaimana mestinya.) Ketentuan-ketentuan ini dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu, tergantung dari kebijakan pihak airways, hotel & agen di luar negeri.

C. be financially impartial and should not, in connection with a business operation, have been sentenced, previously four years, for a breach of regulation in response to the overall penal code, the Act referring to public limited firms, private restricted firms, guide-keeping, annual financial statements, chapter or the fee of official duties nor the Tourism Act.

Journey Brokers Have Specialised Experience – At our company, we focus on Household and multi generational holidays. Our company is providing excellent companies to customers around the world with a powerful attraction to those searching for tropical holiday vacations. Authentic experiences: The guides which might be aiding vacationers reside and work within the communities being toured.

Kecelakaan, kerusakan, kehilangan dan keterlambatan tibanya bagasi ataupun segala macam ketidak-nyamanan yang disebabkan oleh maskapai penerbangan, lodge dan alat angkutan lainnya. I will often share and collaborate with other journey industry professionals to help clients enjoy holidays that exceed their expectations. Was established as a travel agent and a tour operator in 1990.

Arenatours vacationer packages can be personalized, that is to say, adapted to any request, cultural excursions, luxury journey, honeymoons, unique seashores, surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, teams, boats for safaris and excursions. “Get Into Maldives” – a specialist travel organiser registered beneath the legislation of Republic of Maldives, offering all vacation wants, flight handling and maritime companies in Maldives.